With it’s Compact Size, 9 Swim Jets, 52 Spa Jets, Fibre Optic & LED lighting, the Californian Swim Spa is a Winner.


Size: 4280 x 2220 x 1450mm

Seating: 3-4 Person

Shell: USA Aristech Acrylic

Power: 240Volt / 50Hz (29.5Amps)

Controller: USA Balboa Electronics

Water Capacity: 7000L

Standard Features: Spa

Total 52 Jets: (Hydro Therapy: 9, Water Therapy: 43)

Head Rests: 2

LED Light: 1 (7 changing colours)

Intake Valve: 3

Cartridge Filter: 2

Comfort Diverter Valves: 1×2″

Easy Flow Air Venturi Control Valve: 3

Insulated Hard Cover:1

Standard Features: Swim Pool

Swim Jets: 9

LED Light: 2 (7 changing colours)

Fibre Optic Lights: 78 (7 changing colours)

Swim Pump: 1x3hp

Swim Pump: 2x2hp

Circulation Pump: 1x2hp

Air Blower: 1×0.7kw

Heater: 1x3kw

Drain Valve: 2

Intake: 3

Easy Flow Air Venturi Control Valve: 2

Heavy Duty Cover: 1

PVC or Cedar Cabinet

Stainless Steel Frame

Economical Power Function

Auto Safety Shut Down