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The Monaco Spa is a great value-for-money, mid-size Spa. Its extra depth caters to taller and mid-size people needing a more compact size Spa. This amazing Spa has everything you have come to expect from Leisurescape Pools & Spas, including Fibre Optic & LED lighting as well as Aromatherapy.


Size: 2120 x 1920 x 980mm

Seating: 5 Person

Shell: USA Aristech Acrylic

Cabinet: PVC or Cedar

Power: 240Volt / 50Hz (28.4Amps)

Controller: USA Balboa Electronics

Water Capacity: 1300L

Standard Features:

Total Jets: 73

Point Blank 2.2″ Hydro Jets: 15

Rotary 2.2″ Hydro Therapy Jets: 22

Point Blank 2.5″ Water Jets: 4

Rotary 2.5″ Hydro Therapy Jets: 6

Point Blank 3.5″ Hydro Therapy Jets: 5

Rotary 4″ Hydro Therapy Jets: 3

Point Blank 4″ Hydro Therapy Jets: 4

Point Blank 5″ Hydro Therapy Jets: 1

Rotary 5″ Hydro Therapy Jets 1

Air Jets: 12

Head Rests: 4

LED Light: 1 (7 changing colours)

Fibre Optic Lights: 31 (7 changing colours)

Roman Fountain Jets: 2 (7 changing colours)

Roman Fountain Valve: 1

Hydro Massage Pumps: 1 x 3HP / 1 x 2HP

Circulation Pump: 1 x 0.5HP

Heater: 1 x 3KW

Drain Valve: 1

Intake Valves: 3

Comfort Diverter Valves: 1 x 2″

Easy Flow Air Venturi Control Valves: 3

Easy Care Cartridge Filter

Ozone Purification System

Advanced Filtration System

Liquid Aromatherapy Dispenser

Roman Fountain Jets: 2 (7 different colours)

Super Tough Stainless Steel Frame

Economical Power Save Function

Automatic Safety Shutdown Device (Australian First)

Heat Pump/Gas Heater Ready

Fully Insulated Shell

Heavy Duty Spa Cover/Steps

Fibreglass Tuff Base


*Interest Free Finance Available
*Specifications subject to change without notice