Geelong swimming pool chemicals

Leisurescape Pools & Spas offer a wide range of swimming pool chemicals that are essential for maintaining a clean, safe, and properly balanced swimming pool. Our pool chemicals are designed to help you achieve and maintain crystal-clear water while ensuring the comfort and well-being of swimmers.

Our pool chemicals are sourced from trusted manufacturers, ensuring high quality and effective results. Leisurescape’s knowledgeable team can assist you in selecting the right chemicals for your pool’s specific needs, providing guidance on usage instructions and proper maintenance.

Remember, maintaining proper chemical balance in your pool is crucial for swimmer safety and the longevity of your pool equipment. Regularly check and adjust chemical levels as needed to ensure a healthy and enjoyable swimming experience.

Please contact us for more information or to enquire about purchasing our pool chemicals. We’re here to help you keep your pool water clean, clear, and well-maintained.

Enhance Swimming Pool Salt - 20kg
  • High quality solar salt – clean, white, low levels of insoluble.
  • Dried fine salt crystals – easy to pour and dissolves quickly
  • Naturally evaporated solar salt – natural product
Essential Earth Minerals - 15kg

Essential Earth Minerals will provide the following benefits to you:

  • Produce soft feeling water
  • Gentle on sensitive skin (perfect if you suffer from eczema or dermatitis)
  • Provides a natural relief to some muscular complaints
  • Relaxes your nervous system
  • Conditions your hair
  • Produces a mild flocking agent providing crystal clear quality
  • Produces an anti-scaling agent assisting in giving longer life to salt cells, tile lines and other areas of your pool that may be susceptible to calcium build up
Liquid Pool Chlorine - 15L

Liquid Pool Chlorine controls the algae and bacteria levels in indoor and outdoor swimming pools. This product is suitable for daily chlorination or shock treatment.


  • 130 g/l available chlorine present as sodium hypochlorite
Liquid Pool Acid - 5L

Liquid Pool Acid (hydrochloric acid) decreases the pH and total alkalinity in swimming pool water.


  • 370 g/l hydrochloric (muriatic) acid
Water Hardener - 2kg | 4kg

Water Hardener increases the level of calcium (hardness) in the water of swimming pools.

The ideal calcium hardness level for pools is between 200 – 500 ppm.


  • Calcium chloride
Alkalinity Up - 2kg | 4kg

Alkalinity Up Increases the pH levels of swimming pool water. This product acts as a pH buffer, which will prevent extreme pH shifts.

The ideal TA level is between 80 – 150 ppm.


  • Sodium bicarbonate and buffer (powder)
Sunblock Fast Dissolving Stabiliser - 1kg | 2kg | 4kg

Sunblock Protects chlorine in pool water from ultraviolet (UV) sunlight.


  • 996 g/kg cyanuric acid
  • stabiliser
Fast Floc - 1L

Fast Floc is a concentrated flocculent with a built in accelerator. This fast acting product will clear pool water within 3 – 6 hours from dosage.

This product works by dropping the debris in the pool water to the bottom where it can be vacuumed to waste.


  • Polyaluminium chloride complex plus polymer
Nil-Phos Plus - 1L | 2.5L

Nil-Phos Plus is formulated to be used as part of regular pool maintenance, as well as preventative care and as a fix for when the phosphate levels of the pool are high. The primary food source for algae is phosphates, which are introduced into the pool water from things such as dust, soil, runoff from gardens and swimmers.

Nil-Phos Plus removes 1ppm to 6ppm of phosphates from the water and is formulated for rapid removal.

Metal Magnet - 1L

Metal Magnet is used to prevent metal stains and scale from occurring in swimming pools.

It is a chelating agent that removes metals from pool water by sequestering.


  • 360 g/l phosphoric acid
Algae Eliminator - 1L

Algae Eliminator controls the algae levels in swimming pools.

This product is a double strength algaecide and may be used as a preventative treatment for your pool.


  • 400 g/l benzalkonium chloride
Pool Shimmer - 1L

Pool Shimmer is used for creating crystal clear water by eliminating body fats, oils and removing dissolved metals.

Pool Shimmer works by coagulating fine particles of suspended matter so that they may be trapped in the filter. This product also helps in preventing scum lines from forming around the pool.


  • Polychite (non-toxic, biodegradable)
Stain Remover - 1kg

Stain Remover helps remove coloured metal stains from outdoor swimming pools.

This product contains a blend of organic acids which aids in the removal of metal stains (incl. copper, iron and manganese) from pool surfaces, it may also remove some scale deposits, and also removes some organic stains, like leaf and algae stains.


  • 995 g/kg organic acid complex
Enhance - 1kg

Enhance softens the water (giving it a silky feel), reduces eye and skin irritations, improves water clarity and buffers pH from fluctuations in the levels.


  • a blend of boric acid and tetraborate
Duck-Away - 5L

Duck-Away is designed to deter ducks away from swimming pools.

Duck-Away works by changing the surface tension of the water, making it difficult for ducks to naturally float on the water. This product is not harmful to ducks.


  • 100 g/l benzalkonium chloride
  • 23.5 g/l alcohol ethoxylate