Q360 infloor pool cleaning system

Cleaning and circulation efficiency engineered for modern pools

  • Automatically cleans your pool
  • Circulates water and chemicals around your pool
  • Proven to reduce chemicals and energy costs
  • Q360 valve circulates with today’s latest energy efficient pumps
  • Q360 cleaning jets deliver more cleaning distance and more efficiency then ever

Saves you chemicals and energy for the life of your pool

Q360 will save up to 15 – 20% in chemical costs and up to 20 – 30% in heating costs. It is the only system that consistently delivers savings.

Efficiently cleans and circulates in four easy steps

Debris is automatically swept into the main drain and moved to the debris canister.


Step 1: Variable speed water delivery system

The water valve is the heart of the cleaning system. A proven track record of this ultra-efficient valve delivers maximum flow with minimal noise and water pressure variations making it the performance leader in the industry.

  • Smooth and effective water flow at any pump speed
  • 6-port design distributes powerful water to each jet systematically circulating the body of water
  • Transparent lid for viewing operation
  • 8-veined power turbine for smooth energy transfer
  • Triple traction gear drive directs water flow
  • 2 speeds available for maximum efficiency
Step 2: Breakthrough performance jet

Newly engineered cleaning jets feature a nozzle which improves cleaning like never before.

  • Enhanced cleaning performance
  • 3 selectable nozzle designs for customized cleaning options
  • Exclusive hybrid advancement mechanism provides 360° cleaning
  • 5 colour options to blend into any surface
Step 3: The most advanced drain on the market
  • Removes large debris with ease
  • Blends into any pool surface making it virtually invisible
  • Single source suction
  • Circular design fits any pool shape and style
  • Meets all industry anti-entrapment safety regulations
  • Compatible with 2” or 2 1/2 ” plumbing
  • Easy access portal
  • Optional hydrostatic valve for high water tables
  • Flush design, robot cleaners won’t get stuck
  • Comes in two colours: white and grey
  • Great for spas and catch basins
  • Made in the USA
Step 4: The largest debris capacity on the market

The containment canister’s design provides the largest debris capacity on the market. The canister captures debris and channels it to the bottom of the basket minimising flow loss for maximum efficiency. The design keeps heavy debris from interfering with the operation of your pool equipment and filtration system while maintaining steady water flow.

  • Designed for maximum flow while allowing for high volume debris
  • Conveniently located by the pool equipment for easy access
  • High capacity basket design
  • No unsightly deck lids
  • Clear pressure safe lid
  • Sized for 2” or 2 1/2” suction lines
How does the Q360 In-Floor Cleaning System remove debris from the pool?

Strategically placed cleaning jets sweep up the dirt and debris from the pool floor and keep it in suspension, so it is removed through the skimmer and drain as the water is turned over by the filtration system.

How do the cleaning jet zones sequence?

A turbine-driven water valve controls the Q360’s cleaning and circulation systems. Water flows through the valve and out to the cleaning jets in the pool. The zones switch automatically in a set sequence with no electrical hook-up.

Do the cleaning jets need to be set in a specific sequence?

The cleaning jets themselves do not need to be manually sequenced, as they will not stay in sequence for long. They simply should be plumbed so that they cycle from the shallow to the deeper area of the pool.

How do the cleaning jets rotate?

The cleaning jets have an offset hole that thrusts the nozzle forward while it transitions from the up to down position, turning the cleaning jet slightly. Each time the nozzle comes on it moves to a new position and will clean a new area of the pool.

How do I determine if a sticking cleaning jet is a cleaning jet problem or a valve problem?

Turn off the pump. If the cleaning jet retracts it is a valve problem, if the cleaning jet remains in the up position it is a stuck cleaning jet.

If a cleaning jet seems to be working but the area around it is not cleaning, what is wrong?

There is probably a blockage in the cleaning jet. Remove the cleaning jet and clear the blockage.

What is the purpose of the O-ring on the nozzle?

The O-ring acts as a cushion or spring to make the bayonet lock work.

How do I get debris out of a cleaning jet body so my cleaning jet nozzle will go in?

Before installing a cleaning jet nozzle into a body that has been without a cleaning jet nozzle for a period of time, allow the system to blow through the line to eliminate any debris that may be in the line. If heavier debris (such as rocks) has lodged in the body and won’t clear, place the install tool over the hole to create turbulence in the body cup. This will eliminate any debris in the body cup.

Why does my water valve pressure fluctuate?

Each time the water valve switches, the next port opens before the one that has finished shuts off. The Q360 water valve operates so that the system is pressure safe.

Why use a booster pump?

The addition of a booster pump to the system allows the cleaning nozzles to continue to work at peak efficiency because they are not exposed to an increasingly dirty filter. The system then allows the pool water to be turned more quickly, thereby not needing to run as long.

Why is my water valve next to the pool instead of by the equipment?

Placing the water valve next to the pool reduces the quantity of pipe necessary to plumb the system. It also allows easier servicing of the system with the pause knob readily available to the pool area.

If my module fails, can I run my pool without it?

The water valve housing does not need a module in place to have water go through it. Remove the module and replace the seal lid and clamp, and water will be sent to all return points in the pool, so you will still have circulation.

Why is it important to rinse a cartridge filter before removing the filter element?

Failure to rinse the inside of the filter with the drain plug removed will cause debris to re-enter the pool when the cartridge is lifted out.

Why should the heater have an external bypass?

An external bypass is required to ensure that both the heater and the in-floor system function properly. The high flow rate of the in-floor system does not allow efficient transfer of heat in the heater, so a bypass is necessary to slow down the water going over the heat exchanger. The bypass also reduces the restriction on the system.

Is there any guarantee on the components of the Q360TM System?
  • Housing collar – 25 years
  • Main drain body – 25 years
  • Main drain lid & internals – 1 year
  • Infloor control valve – 3 years
  • Gears – 2 years pro rata