Geelong swimming pool water features

Leisurescape Pools & Spas are pleased to offer a wide range of pool water features that can elevate the beauty and ambiance of your swimming pool. Our professional team is experienced in installing these features to create a visually stunning and captivating pool environment.

Our pool water features are available for sale, and our expert team will handle the pool installation process with precision and care. We ensure that each feature is properly integrated into your pool design, taking into consideration factors such as water flow, aesthetics, and safety.

By incorporating these pool water features, you can transform your swimming pool into a luxurious and visually captivating oasis. Let us help you create a stunning pool environment that exceeds your expectations and adds a touch of magic to your outdoor space.



Waterfalls add a touch of natural beauty and tranquility to your pool. The cascading water creates a soothing sound and an aesthetically pleasing focal point.

Whether you prefer a subtle trickle or a dramatic waterfall, we can customise the size, shape, and flow of the waterfall to suit your preferences.

Hydrotherapy jets

Spa jets are one of our most popular options. Our range of pools with large, seated areas are best suited to this addition.

Adding spa jets to your Leisurescape Pool will provide the perfect spot to sit and relax while watching the family play. Or perhaps create the perfect place to escape and relax at the end of the day.

Wet deck with bubblers

Bubblers are small jets that release streams of water from shallow areas. They create a fun and lively atmosphere by producing gentle bubbling or splashing effects.

Bubblers are particularly popular in shallow lounging areas or children’s play areas, adding a sense of excitement to the pool experience.

Deck / coping jets

Deck jets are an exciting water feature that shoots arcs of water into your pool from the pool deck or surrounding area. They provide an interactive element for swimmers and add a playful touch to your pool environment.

Deck jets can be adjusted for height and direction, allowing you to create different water patterns and effects.

Laminar jets

Laminar jets produce clear, glass-like arcs of water that are illuminated with vibrant LED lights. These jets create a mesmerising and colorful display, especially at night.

Laminar jets can be synchronised with other pool lighting features, offering a truly captivating and synchronised water and light show.