Spa accessories in Geelong

In addition to our outstanding spas, we supply high-quality spa accessories that make your Leisurescape spa experience even more enjoyable. From spa steps to spa covers and cover lifters, each of our accessories is designed to perfectly fit your spa.

Our products compliment the spa experience, making it more enjoyable, convenient, and comfortable for users. These accessories cater to various aspects of spa ownership, from maintenance and safety to relaxation and entertainment.

Visit our showroom for more information and to browse available accessories in person.


Spa covers

It’s important to protect your spa from potentially damaging factors like debris, leaves, and harsh weather conditions. We stock high-quality covers at excellent prices within a range of styles. So come into our showroom today and see for yourself.

Spa cover lifters Geelong
Spa cover lifters

Our hydraulic spa cover lifter makes covering and uncovering your spa incredibly simple – no lugging your cover from storage to use and no heavy lifting.

Spa handrail Geelong
Safety handrail

The combination of water and slippery surface can make the spa a potential hazard. A handrail will dispel your worries and allow you to enter and exit your spa with ease.

Spa cover lifters Geelong
Spa steps

Have trouble getting into your spa? Leisurescape Pools & Spas has a range of two and four tier steps available to help. Made out of heavy duty PVC these steps are maintenance free and come in a variety of colours to match your spa cabinet.

2 tier – L: 800mm | D: 670mm | H: 390mm

4 tier – L: 1.5m | D: 830mm | H: 780mm

Spa winter cover Geelong
Winter cover

This protective cover is made from woven polyethylene fabric and is designed to protect your spa from UV rays and harsh weather during the harshest winter months or hot summer months.

Waterproof, tough and durable.

Swim spa tether Geelong
Swim tether

With a Leisurescape Pools & Spas swim tether you’ll be able to swim uninterrupted and get all the benefits of lap swimming while staying in a fixed stationary position. Endless swimming in small spaces.

No matter what your fitness level it will let you swim naturally for as long as needed in a stationary position.