Geelong spas

Perfectly designed

Leisurescape Pools & Spas leads the world with innovative spa designs, they are built using only the highest quality materials and equipment. In most Leisurescape spa designs, the only thing to add is an entertainment system, everything else is included as standard.

Perfectly comfortable

Leisurescape Spas are ergonomically designed to fit your body shape. Whether relaxing in a reclining lounge or enjoying a massage from our premium hydrotherapy jets, your comfort is guaranteed.

Perfectly relaxed

Enjoy the soft scrolling colours of our fibre optic lights while champagne is chilling in the ice bucket. Or close your eyes and let the soothing sound of a waterfall or Roman jets take you away to a calm place while you enjoy the luxury of a hydrotherapy massage.

Perfectly clean

All Leisurescape Spas have a water management system with an eco filtration system and pure water ozonator as standard to keep your water sparkling clean at a minimal cost and effort. All you need to do is add sanitiser.

Perfectly economical

All Leisurescape Spa ranges have:

  • gecko controller with a super energy saving mode;
  • 8-layer thermal insulation; and most importantly
  • a super high-density insulation cover

All of which keep the heat in the water giving you a huge head start on keeping running costs to a minimum. Then, add in an ecotech heat pump which will keep your water at desired temperature, ready and waiting for you to enjoy your spa or swim spa, and save you up to 75% on heating costs.

Perfectly strong

A super-tough stainless-steel frame and wrap-around fibreglass base ensures your spa has been built to last. No rotting timber frames or plastic ABS bases to crack or break in our spas.

Perfectly warranted

When you choose to luxuriate in a Leisurescape Spa we give you our gold standard guarantee, that means you RELAX knowing your new spa will be a place for friends, family and fun for years to come.