Geelong swimming pool covers and rollers

Pool blankets

These bubble-style covers let the sun heat your pool water by up to 8ºC and retain the heat by insulating your pool overnight. The natural heating and insulating saves you energy while also stopping evaporation. These covers are perfect to use on all pools helping you gain maximum benefits.

Benefits of our pool blankets:

  • Heats your pool water with the sun
  • Insulates and saves heat loss
  • Stops evaporation
  • Proudly Australian made


Pool rollers

Made from sturdy high-quality materials, powder coated aluminium and stainless steel, the rollers are built to last. Each stationary pool roller comes with a free over-cover to protect it from the harshness of the Australian sun, as well as a refit kit. Pool rollers are essential to the life and proper use of a pool cover. It takes just 30 seconds to roll the cover off or back onto the pool water using the swimming pool roller.


A75 roller

A75 rollers are suited for pools to 4.3m wide and up to 12m long.

Under bench roller

Under bench rollers combine practicality with style to transform your pool roller into useful seating.

Electric pool roller

An easy-to-use electric option helps you recover your pool cover with just a touch of the button.

Below ground pool roller

Below ground pool cover boxes are perfect for those wanting to hide the pool cover and roller for a clutter-free pool area, or if you have limited space.