Spa Heating

We have some great spa heating options at Leisurescape Pools & Spas in Geelong, including the industry-leading Euro Heat Pump.


  • Stylish design.
  • High-quality PVC shell (we do not use metal cabinets which rust).
  • Tough titanium heat exchanger (5-year warranty).
  • Low noise level.
  • Low energy use – high efficiency.
  • Intelligent Control system.
  • Ability to heat or cool water.
  • Ozone-friendly refrigerant.
  • Reverse-cycle defrost.
  • 4 Safety System.

Stylish & strong
With a stylish and elegant outer casing, there is no need to hide the Euro Heat Pump. The curved PVC outer shell is built to last, looks stylish and will endure extreme weather conditions. The high-quality titanium heat exchanger is clad in PVC for additional strength, making it long-lasting and durable.

Energy smart
The Euro Heat Pump will consume 75 per cent less energy than a conventional heating element. Air sourced heat pumps are 50 per cent more efficient than gas. They work like a refrigerator in reverse – air is drawn into the refrigerant, the temperature is increased by the compressor and the heat is transferred to the pool water. The heat pump draws a low input of power – between 1.2 kw and 2.65 kw depending on the model chosen – and turns it into a high output of power, which is used to heat or cool the water. This makes heat pumps the most energy-efficient method of heating and maintaining heat in pool or spa water.

With a high Coefficient of Performance (COP) rating of 5.5, the Euro Heat Pump will save you time and money every day. This means the heat pump provides 5.5 units of heat for each unit of energy consumed. Your spa or pool water will be maintained at the desired temperature at a fraction of the cost of a conventional heater.

Reduce your carbon footprint by powering a Euro Heat Pump with renewable energy from solar panels. Electric heat pumps are more planet-friendly than burning fossil fuels such as gas. To further reduce your carbon footprint, take advantage of the Euro Intelligent Control system to use off-peak electricity to heat your spa or pool.

Safe & reliable
The Euro Heat Pump is designed to meet stringent European regulations and is compliant with all safety and environmental industry standards. It is equipped with a Toshiba compressor and uses ozone-friendly refrigerant R410a and comes with a two-year warranty.

Easy access
The Euro Heat Pump will plug into an ordinary household electricity socket, eliminating the need for an electrician. The LS700R and LS900R work off a standard 10 amp plug, whilst the LS1500R requires a 15 amp socket.  The standard 50 mm pipe connections make it easy to connect to your current spa or pool plumbing.

Technical Specifications*

Size: 990 x 310 x 600 mm

  • Shell: ABS Plastic
  • Titanium Heat Exchanger clad in PVC
  • Power: 240 Volt/50Hz (10 amps)
  • 5.5 COP (Coefficient of Performance) heat rating
  • Compressor: Toshiba
  • Approved refrigerant R410a
  • Water connection: 50mm
  • Complies with safety standards CE & RoHs compliance certifications

*specifications subject to change without notice.

Here are two popular choices which could work for you when it comes to spa heating.

  • Solar heating systems

Popular, effective and an environmentally conscious way of heating your spa through harnessing solar power, this form of heating certainly has potential to save you money!

  • Thermo Smart heat pumps

Thermo Smart heat pumps are designed to help you get the most from your pool or spa by handing you control over temperature. Just select the exact temperature you want and your heat pump will maintain that automatically.

So whatever your spa heating needs, get in contact today.

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