Frequently asked questions

How do I choose the right size pool?

The perfect swimming pool designs are different for everyone. Taking the time to balance all the factors is essential to make a happy long-term investment in your home that will pay dividends in value and enjoyment. Leisurescape Pools & Spas can help you decide the right pool for you.

Some contributing factors include:

Size of the pool and land — Survey your plot of land and compare how much land you would like to allocate to a pool. You may also like to take into consideration, space for seating, fencing and space to store your pool equipment, also to ensure you have space for kids to run around, entertain family and friends, and dry your wet swimwear and towels. Our expert team can help you with all of this!

Depth — If you have young children, consider whether you’d prefer a more shallow or even a flat bottom pool so they can more easily stand on whichever end they find themselves. Or, whether you’d rather have a deep end and more room to swim and play underwater.

Type of activity — Do you prefer a plunge pool to soak in and relax? A pool with length to practice your breaststroke? Or a style that combines all of the above? Identifying your lifestyle preferences will help narrow down your search for the best fibreglass pool design that prevents you from choosing a pool too large or one too small where you feel constrained.

Backyard aesthetics

The final pool design must not clash with the look of your backyard, as well as the aesthetics of your property. The overall effect should be seamless and unified. Your swimming pool area should look like a natural extension of your home and the rest of your property.

Style: Is your home built in a traditional or contemporary style? Do you have a pavilion, bungalow or cottage-style home?

Colour: Another key feature that can make or break the overall aesthetics of your pool design is colour. What is the dominant hue that ties your property together? Do you have a landscaped garden? What pool colour would best blend in with the natural and architectural elements of your home?

Material: Leisurescape Pools are manufactured in Shepparton, Victoria. You will be supporting a local state-based business and have the peace of mind that the manufacturer is close by to stand by their product. Our Pools are made with undiluted resin and fibreglass. We do not use any bulking agents to thicken the pool shell which would inevitably weaken the structural strength of the pool shell. All Pools are made exceeding Australian Standards.

Leisurescape Pools can do everything from the standard pool installation right through to heating, landscaping, paving and fencing. We are a “one-stop-shop.”

We have a large range of paving, synthetic turf and pool fencing options to select from in our showroom to help you visualise your completed project. We can do as much or as little as you like. We are experts at pool building but Leisurescape are so much more than just a pool builder.

How much does it cost to install a fibreglass pool?

It is almost impossible to give a price over the phone, although we can give an estimate we prefer to visit the proposed pool installation site and give an exact, all-inclusive price. Just as our pools range in size from 4m to 14m so do our prices vary, depending on the pool you choose.

Many of our calls are potential clients requesting a ‘ball park figure’. To give you an idea, our most popular pool sizes over the last 12 months have been in our 6m to 8m range and the average starting price fully installed, is approximately $43,000* – $56,000*. This is just an indication, and prices may vary depending on access to your site or any additional features you select.

* Price does not include heating, pool blanket, robotic cleaner, fencing or landscaping.

What about building permits? Do I need to get one?

As fully licenced pool builders, our administration team are here to help you through the entire process. We take care of all the required works associated with obtaining your building permit, from generating plans to obtaining the required documents, it is all taken care of in-house.

What goes into the long-term maintenance of my fibreglass pool?

Once your Leisurescape pool installation is complete we will schedule a handover appointment, we also provide a free 3 month cleaning and maintenance service. During the pool handover one of our expert service team members will run you through everything you need to know about owning and maintaining your pool. Fibreglass pools traditionally require less maintenance – the gel-coating is smooth and non-porous, preventing growth of mould and algae – however there are still some basic pool care requirements.

  1. Clean your pool regularly. This can be done with the flick of a switch on your robotic cleaner.
  2. Check water chemistry. Leisurescape will provide you with training during your handover and offer free water in-house testing to our pool customers.
  3. Run the pool filtration equipment. Leisurescape will pre-set the running times on your equipment to all happen automatically – all you need to do is to ensure the water level is maintained above the skimmer.