Spa Chemicals

Geelong’s Leisurescape Pools & Spas has a great range of spa chemicals and other products to keep your spa clean and in a high-quality condition.

From sanitisers to alkalinity enhancers, we supply a wide range of hot tub chemicals at amazing prices. We’re proud to be a supplier of Aquaspa products.

Aquaspa Spa Sanitiser
A non-chlorine sanitiser specially formulated to prevent the growth of various pathogens that can cause disease in spas. Due to the fact it contains neither chlorine or bromine, it gives none of the side effects often associated with chlorine usage, like sore eyes. This makes it ideal for allergy sufferers and anyone with a tendency towards skin problems like eczema. Recommended application is once a week.

Aquaspa Spa Kleer
Also recommended to be used once a week, the purpose of this product is to give your spa an extra sparkle. It is common for some types of spas to become slightly cloudy due to build-up of unwanted metals and fats. Aquaspa Sanitiser will help your spa get back to its ideal clear condition in no time!

Aquaspa Spa Shock
Used regularly to help remove the build-up of inorganic material from your spa pool or hot tub, Aquaspa Spa Shock is an essential spa chemical needed for the upkeep of your spa. This powerful cleaning agent is also chlorine-free.

Aquaspa Alkalinity Enhancer
Balancing the total alkalinity levels in your spa water, this wonderful product enhances the quality of your spa pool water. Furthermore, measuring out the correct level helps your spa resist sudden changes in pH levels.

Aquaspa pH Reducer
With the pH level in your hot tub rising naturally due to aeration and the addition of other chemicals, AquaSpa pH Reducer is used to counter this progression and keep your pH at the current level needed. Maintaining the correct pH levels in your spa will help prevent skin and eye irritations, as well as the corrosion of your spa’s heating equipment.

Aquaspa Antifoam
This is an effective antifoam product designed to instantly remove unsightly foam from the surface of a spa or pool caused by excessive bather loads. Simply adding a cap full to your spa will instantly remove any foam on the water surface.

Aquaspa Filter Kleenz
This is a powerful granular filter cleaner, designed to break down fat and oil deposits on the dirtiest of spa pool and hot tub cartridge filters. Soak your cartridge element in a bucket of water with Aquaspa Filter Kleenz for three hours, then hose away to remove all remaining debris.

Leisurescape Pools & Spas also stocks spa pumps and filters too!