Walk-in easy access spa – 3 person

The walk-in spa has been designed for people with limited mobility.

The patented dual-door design allows you to walk into the spa. Simply open the exterior door, step into the holding area and sit down. Press the water release button to fill the holding area. When the water level is the same in both the spa area and the holding area, open the internal door and move into the spa area. Press the water return button and enjoy a relaxing hydrotherapy massage.

To exit the spa, just reverse the procedure.

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Size: 2200 x 2200 x 980mm

Seating: 3 person

Shell: USA Aristech Acrylic

Cabinet: PVC

Power: Single Phase Hardwire / 32amps

Controller: Canadian Gecko in.k500

Water capacity: 1000L

Standard features

Stainless Steel Door: x 2

Total Jets: 60

Directional Hydro Therapy Jets: 22

Rotary Hydro Therapy Jets: 26

Air Jets: 12

Waterfall: 1 (7 colours)

Waterfall Valve: 1 (7 colours)

Fibre Optic Lights: 29 (7 colours)

LED Light: 1

Drain Valve: 1

Intake Valve: 1

Hydro Massage Pump: 1 x 3HP

Hydro Massage Pump: 1 x 2HP

Circulation Pump: 1 x 0.35HP

Suction Pump: 1 x 0.35HP

Air Blower: 1 x 0.7KW

Heater: 3KW

Air Control Valves: 2 (7 colours)

Advanced Filtration System

Easy Care Cartridge Filters


Liquid Aromatherapy Dispenser: 1

Super Tough Stainless Steel Frame

Economical Power Save Function

Automatic Safety Shutdown Device

Heat Pump/Gas Heater Ready

Fully Insulated Shell

Heavy Duty Spa Cover/Steps

Fibreglass Tuff Bass