Point Lonsdale | 12m Maradona

Swimming pool, fence and landscaping installation

Location: Point Lonsdale
Year Completed: 2020
Pool type: The Maradona
Pool size: 12m x 4.1m
Pool colour: Pearl Shell

This Maradona pool located in Point Lonsdale showcases the stunning water colour Pearl Shell. Its modern, yet timeless look, and makes this area so inviting.

This 12 metre long fibreglass inground pool was installed over a 2-week period with additional weeks required for the landscaping and fencing which was designed and created by Leisurescape Pools & Spas.

This diverse and beautiful backdrop showcases luxury poolside living. With the addition of a poolside deck and stunning furniture, this area was designed to be used all year round.

Leisurescape Pools & Spas Geelong also offers swimming pool maintenance.

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