Torquay | Paris Dual Swim Spa

Swim spa, deck, bollards and glass fence installation

Location: Torquay
Year Completed: 2023
Spa type: Paris Dual Swim Spa
Spa size: 6m x 2.3m
Spa colour: Marble White | Charcoal

Our customer purchased the Paris Dual Swim Spa which fitted in perfectly creating a lovely area.

In this swim spa installation, every detail has been meticulously planned to offer a luxurious, safe, and visually striking outdoor retreat. It’s a space where relaxation, fitness, and entertainment seamlessly coexist, where the beauty of the swim spa is complemented by the elegance of the decking, steps, fencing, and bollards. This oasis offers both convenience and aesthetics, inviting individuals and families to enjoy the benefits of aquatic therapy and relaxation year-round while reveling in the serenity of their outdoor surroundings.

  • Fencing: Frameless Glass with Stainless Steel Spigots & Black Aluminium Tubular
  • Decking & Bollards: 140mm Hardwood

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